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The following links point to excellent sources of information about employment opportunities for librarians and other information science professionals.


General Jobs Directories


National & Worldwide Listings

Regional Listings (Southernwest United States)

Jobs Listservs

  • LIBJOBS Library and Information Science jobs mailing list
  • LIS-JOBLIST From Dalhousie University; especially good for jobs on the East Coast and in Canada
  • JOBOPS The listserv run by the staff and students here at SIRLS; listings come from several different sources


Librarian Temp Job and Employment Agency Resources


Interviewing Help

Tip pages:

  • HowTo: Apply for a Library Job Wiki This comprehensive Wiki offers advice, links, time lines, and information you need to know when looking for a library job. This wiki is a great first stop for the new job seeker. This page pulls it all together for you.
  • Interviewing Tips A collection of interviewing tips from most common questions to most common mistakes and suggestions on how to prepare for your library job interviews. Multiple sources.
  • UA Interview Prep UA Interview Preparation helps you practice your interviewing skills in an interactive format. You can customize your interview by choosing from many different types of interview questions (1500+), participate in the interview, record your responses to review how you did, and send your interview to someone else for review, if you choose. Many helpful resources are available, too

Practice interviews:

  • 101 Commonly Asked Interview Questions This page, taken from an Illinois Library Association conference handout, lists 101 of the most commonly asked interview questions for library jobs. This is a great page to print out and quiz yourself with before an interview. These questions do get asked, often!
  • Children's Librarian Practice Interview This page contains a basic sample interview for the position of Children's Librarian and the questions an applicant would likely encounter. This sample interview is good practice for any public library interview.


Resumes & Cover Letters


Other Workshops and Webinars

  • UA Career Services and SIRLS Workshops
    • Overview of Resources and Services for UA Career Services
    • Creating Your Professional Resume and Cover Letter
  • AzLA Summer Series for Library Job Seekers

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